Saturday, April 26, 2008

No Whining Zone

Each of us needs a sign like this, if not literally posted, then symbolically branded on the periphery of the psychological space in which we live and work. Why? Because there is work to do, a mission to be implemented, and we do not need to waste time on whether you feel like it. I am an advocate of using emotions and intuition to inform and motivate all that we do. But, whining is a smokescreen, not a true or authentic emotion. Whining says there are emotions hiding that need to be addressed and I don't have the insight, or the courage, or the skills to bring them up. Whining is passive-aggressive. Also, (because I am forever hopeful) whining can be an unconscious, mindless bad habit. Either way, whining impends forward movement.

If you are encountering whining at work, stop and address it head on. Ask directly for the whiner or the eye-roller or the arms-crossed nay-sayer to explain their resistance, their beliefs and assumptions that the task at hand has rubbed against.

If you can't get past the whining, nothing will be authentically embraced and sincerely implemented.

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