Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cognitive Skills Development

Bob Compton, Executive Producer of the documentary film, "2 Million Minutes", which explores how students in China, India, and the United States distribute their time in high school, offers a question in his blog regarding moving forward in the Cognitive Age:

"What academic subjects might be best at developing more thoroughly one's cognitive skills in a technology driven world - might they be math, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science?"

Compton goes on to illustrate the different routes that India and the United States prescribe in their educational systems. He asks, "How does our education compare in cognitive skills development, through math and science, to, say India's?"

Compton shows us similar high achieving high school tracks:

United States High Schools (not required for graduation, but typical of high achieving students)

Physics - 1 year
Chemistry - 1 year
Biology - 1 year
Math - 4 years
Computer Science - 1 year

India (ISCE National Standard - starts in 8th grade - required for graduation on technology track = high achievers)

Physics - 5 years
Chemistry - 5 years
Biology - 5 years
Math - 5 years
Computer Science - 5 years

Which students will be more relevant and prepared for the Cognitive Age?

See the film. Take your kids. Take your congressman.

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