Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wanting Change

Election 2008 will take a momentus place in history. It was amazing to see throngs of people gathered to celebrate Obama's victory not just in Grant Park, but all of over the world. People voted, in record numbers, for change. People want change. Millions of people actually became in engaged in a change movement.

This whole campaign cycle has been amazing and so will be Obama's attempt to bring change to one of the most entrenched, self-aggrandizing, complacent, complex organizations ever - our government. We have become numb to a sense of civic responsibility and service.

What will he bring? Although we lack specific details, President-elect Obama brings a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to having a government that serves the people, a government that creates opportunity for people to achieve all that they are capable of, and a hope that we can reclaim for the United States a proud position in the world as Great Leader in ingenuity, innovation, and inspiration.

How could we not invite a renewed sense of our founding values into our governance at this time?

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Tim Tyrell-Smith said...

Great post, Jamie. I too, feel a great sense of relief that the country's focus will return to taking care of each other for a while as well as working with other countries to solve world problems. Not going it alone.

This is a watershed moment in our country's history. Unlike after 9/11 we can now take another, better path - one that will use this natural momentum for good.