Friday, January 2, 2009

Transformational Experiences

In a recent post I mentioned that Think Fun was transforming the way children think. If you are interested in creating transformative experiences then you might be interested in Charles Halton's Never the Same: How to Create Transformational Experiences. Download a .pdf file via

Here is a quick summary of the 18 characteristics that are essential for creating transformational experiences:

1. Inspire Passion or Go Home
2. Create Controversy
3. Be Different
4. Be a Social Butterfly
5. Repetition is the Mother of All Learning
6. Humans are the Same
7. Humans are Different
8. Embrace Paradoxes
9. Repetition is the Mother of All Learning
10. Pass Along Methodologies
11. Don’t Be a Slave to Fashion
12. Be Inefficient
13. Produce a lot
14. Humiliate Yourself
15. Cultivate an Atmosphere of Trust and Safety
16. Stop Thinking You Know Everything
17. Be a Master of Surprise
18. Make it Clear

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