Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bloggers: Customized Columnists

I am a routine reader of many different blogs and look forward to them like I do some of my favorite newspaper columnists. Actually, these days I am liking the blogs better than my traditional newspaper columnists because the blogs I follow come to me. I get to pick the ones I want to read, so they are in effect customized columnists. And, they are free. They wait for me in my email inbox. They stack up there sometimes, but I don't have to walk over them or carry them to the recycling center. The blog posts that I like can be easily and quickly labeled and filed and shared with friends. Until newspapers can make the switch to sending out their content instead of relying on me to go to them, blogs may continue to gain the advantage.

I have been reading the blog Lyved for about 6 months. I am most impressed with the usefulness and timeliness of what editor Andrew Galasetti posts. And, I am most impressed with the amount of wisdom Andrew has developed despite his young-ish age. As what he writes about exemplifies, I think Andrew is proof of the power of positive and intentional thinking and living.

Take today's post for example: 15 benefits and lessons we now have from the economic crisis
Here is Andrew's list:

Lessons Learned
1. Generosity is alive and well
2. No single person is at fault
3. Patience is a form of action
4. The downturn is natural
5. Many people need to learn about basic finance
6. We're still in better shape than most
7. Can't rely on degrees and "recession-proof" jobs
8. Money doesn't bring that much happiness

Benefits Gained
9. Keeping us from buying crap
10. Allowing us to connect with older relatives
11. Kids are learning their own lessons
12. New opportunities
13. Those that are corrupt and greedy are being taken down
14. Our greates qualities come out and grow
15. Better times are coming

I have had some of these thoughts and noticed some of these patterns from my vantage point. It is a powerful and good thing to curb the unfettered spending and consumption of teenage girls, and this recession has certainly done that to my teenaged daughters. They are starting to learn about the economics of a recession and are paying attention. But, Andrew has really thought about it, observed patterns and behaviors, and served up his post with simplicity and honesty. He does this all the time and I highly recommend subscribing in order to start having his columns delivered to your inbox.

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Andrew Galasetti said...

Thanks so much for reading the article and for reading Lyved over the past 6 months. It's great to have you around the site.

It really is mind-blowing how powerful positivity is.

Thanks again for all the compliments Jamie!

- Andrew