Thursday, February 5, 2009

TV for Adult Learning

With the economy in a weakened state, every organization I know is in wait-and-see mode, about everything - new product development, expansion, travel, learning. I propose that wait-and-see mode, while understandable, can be very dangerous. I think there is a better, more creative mode that we need to engage: more-with-less mode.

Doing "more with less" was Bucky Fuller's credo. One of the great American visionaries of the twentieth century, R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) endeavored to see what he, a single individual (the power of one), might do to benefit the largest segment of humanity while consuming the minimum of the earth's resources (early sustainability thinker). He described himself as a "comprehensive anticipatory design scientist," setting forth to solve the escalating challenges that faced humanity before they became insurmountable (solve a little problem before it becomes a big one). Fuller's innovative theories and designs addressed fields ranging from architecture, the visual arts, and literature to mathematics, engineering, and sustainability. He refused to treat these diverse spheres as specialized areas of investigation because it inhibited his ability to think intuitively, independently, and, in his words, "comprehensively." Fuller vehemently believed that all things interrelate.

One of the areas that is easily in danger as we wait and see what the economy will do is learning within our organizations. The world is moving and changing so fast, and new information is being shared so immediately that to get behind in our thinking and understanding is extremely perilous. I believe it is self-sabotage on an individual basis, and organizational sabotage when viewed from the collective vantage point.

How can we continue to learn and improve without expending financial resources?
How can we leverage the knowledge of the individual so that it influences the knowledge of the whole?
How can we make learning easy, fast, fun, part of our culture?

These are all active, better questions that are not paralyzing like wait and see is.

There are many possible answers and directions stemming from these questions. Let me offer one valuable, important, fun, easy, free, exciting, and stimulating resource: FORA.TV.

"The World is Thinking." This is the idea that FORA.TV is founded on. Incredible human capacity is on display at conferences and meetings and forums all over the world and we can't possibly avail ourselves of it in person. So, FORA.TV brings the power of thinking and quality thought to us.

Take a bite here and then go to FORA to find what interests you and what enhances the knowledge base of your organization. And, an added benefit: no commercials.

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