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Slipstream - Facebook Opens a Door, an...

Facebook seeking to be ubiquitous connector


Slipstream - Facebook Opens a Door, and Start-Ups Rush In -

    • In a loud and proud public announcement, it said it didn’t care whether its members visited at all.
      • I go there about once a week. Otherwise all my posting and corresponding is done through other tools. comment by Jamie Baker

  • “We believe we are giving people a better way to share more information in more places, and we actually expect it will allow Facebook to grow significantly,” said Ethan Beard, Facebook’s director of platform marketing.

    • With each of these fashionable Web start-ups trying to become the essential platform for social dialogue on the Web, it has been a battle royal, and one of the most interesting and odd technology competitions since Microsoft and Netscape fell over each other to give away their browsers in the first browser wars.

      • “We’re competing with Facebook using their data, but we are also helping them by offering their users another way to see their friend’s data and interact with it,” Mr. Le Meur said.

        • Seesmic is hardly alone. TweetDeck, a budding business of the London engineer Iain Dodsworth, has more than a million users and also blends together Facebook and Twitter feeds

          • “Checking your stream on your phone becomes oddly addictive,” Mr. Kumar said.

            • Executives at Facebook say that as the premier social engine of the Web, it will ultimately find a way to make money. For example, it could choose to transmit ads along with the activity streams of its members, and perhaps split the revenue with the developers, though it says it currently has no plans to do so.
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