Sunday, July 20, 2008

Clif Bar Lives Its Vision

I find Clif Bar to be an inspiring company that derives its business strategies from its vision. They call it "their soul". We need our corporations to have souls, and we need places to work that inspire and desire soulful people. Clif's aspirations are noble, people-oriented, visionary in their aim. Their videos don't come through here but you can see them on their website.

5 Aspirations:

Sustaining our Planet -- keep our impact on the environment small even as we grow.

Sustaining our Community -- be good neighbors. Give back to the community.

Sustaining our People -- create a workplace where people can live life to its fullest, even 9 to 5.

Sustaining our Business -- grow slower, grow better, stick around longer.

Sustaining our Brands -- make what people actually need. Never compromise quality.

Sustaining is a good visionary word.

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